Chef Ken worked as a sushi chef for more than ten years, perfecting his own recipes and developing his craft. At ONO POKE BAR, these recipes are featured on the menu. The perfect flavour combination is guaranteed with our base bowls! However, you may always make your own dish with the exact ingredients you want.

Poké, pronounced “POH-KAY”, means “to chop” in Hawaiian. It is chopped cubes of raw fish marinated in Hawaiian salt, spices, and sauces. Basically, Poke is cubed raw fish marinated with Hawaiian sauces & spices that can be served with rice or salad. Check out our menu to see what bowl you’d like to try!

Each restaurant receives fresh fish each morning to maintain our high quality. We then make our favourite bowls by combining the protein with other great ingredients. Each dish on our menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

We’ve taken care of every last detail in order to give you a thoughtful experience — one full of creativity, passion, and Poke bowls worth coming back for. With a flavor bank of extensive spices and wide range of Items to choose, you are unlikely to run out of options. A lot of care and responsibility has gone into making our Menu list.